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WAJ Upholds on Appeal Dismissal of Legal Claims Against Client

WAJ Upholds on Appeal Dismissal of Legal Claims Against Client

April 26th 2023

The South Carolina Court of Appeals recently affirmed the favorable ruling secured by Mike Wilkes and Alex Joyner against WAJ’s architect client. At the trial court level, Wilkes and Joyner obtained dismissal of claims against WAJ’s client for professional negligence and breach of warranty, leaving the third-party claimant with only an equitable indemnity claim. The third-party claimant appealed, but the Court of Appeals affirmed, following its decision in the Stoneledge cases, 413 S.C. 615 and 413 S.C. 630, in which our firm obtained a similar result for a contractor. Moreover, the Court of Appeals recognized WAJ’s argument that recovery under the remaining equitable indemnity claim appears to be logically impossible under the facts of the case.

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