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About Our Firm

WAJ's greatest strength is the professionalism and dedication of its people.  Although WAJ began operation on January 1, 2022, WAJ's predecessor firms have operated since 2003, when Mike Wilkes founded Michael Wilkes Law Firm, P.A.  Since then, WAJ and its predecessors have prided themselves on competent, timely, and innovative work, as well as civility in dealings with others.

WAJ is defined by stability.  Our work environment is collegial and steady, as proven by the length of service of our attorneys and staff.  People come here and stay, because the work is challenging, the clients are rewarding, and we are proud of the work we do.  Mike Wilkes has practiced law for more than four decades.  Dan Atkinson and Alex Joyner have spent their entire private practice careers working with Mike Wilkes, and the firm boasts two paralegals with more than thirty years of experience a piece. WAJ team is proud of the product it provides to clients and insurers, and it is proud of the people who comprise Wilkes Atkinson & Joyner, LLC.

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