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Business Litigation Attorneys

The worst thing for the business of any company is to become mired in disputes which grind productivity to a halt.  Our attorneys understand that businesses must operate to succeed, and that litigation is an obstacle to success.  We focus on reaching efficient resolution of disputes, which allow companies to continue business with an eye to the future.  

We assist businesses with corporate dissolution, issues related to non-compete agreements, contract disputes and other similar disputes.  Our advice focuses both on legal and practical implications for our clients.

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Representative Matters

  • We obtained partial summary judgment on claims for breach of warranty, based on application of the Uniform Commercial Code, for an aircraft dealer, related to the sale of a new aircraft.

  • We obtained a defense jury verdict for a professional services firm, based on an alleged breach of contract, related to office procedures for compliance with filing deadlines.

  • A materials supplier sued our manufacturing client in federal district court in Georgia, alleging breach of a multi-year supply agreement. Our aggressive defense and detailed factual understanding of this contentious case allowed us to negotiate a favorable settlement and release of the plaintiff’s claim.We represented an aircraft maintenance company for claims related to damage to bailed aircraft in a hangar fire.  Our successful assertion of bailment defenses prevented the filing of four property claims, and the successful resolution of a fifth prior to suit.

  • Our manufacturing client filed a declaratory judgment action against an out-of-state materials supplier in federal district court, seeking a judicial determination that our client did not breach a supply agreement by electing to purchase materials directly from a third party. The defendant counterclaimed for contract breach, fraud, and tortious interference with a third party contract. We mediated this aggressively-litigated case to a settlement which was a fraction of the defendant’s demand.

  • We represented the majority partner in a joint venture for the construction of a coastal condominium complex. We secured a judgment against the joint venture’s minority partner with respect to payment of a settlement of claims asserted against the venture by the condominium owners’ association.  

  • We obtained a jury verdict for actual damages, punitive damages and attorney’s fees, exceeding $600,000 for an industrial facility owner which suffered unauthorized removal of copper wiring by an area contractor. The damages were awarded for conversion and for violations of the S.C. Unfair Trade Practices Act.

  • We obtained a defense jury verdict for a client, finding no liability for our client, in a claim where a developer sought over $10,000,000 in damages related to a lapsed zoning permit.  We successfully argued application of the applicable contract's terms and conditions, to obtain a finding from the jury that our client breached no obligations.

  • We routinely obtain judgments for repair contractors, architects and engineers, for collection of amounts due and owing for work performed.

  • We successfully represented a bondholder before a local school board, in an effort to force completion of planned construction of facility improvements, to avoid conversion of the bondholder's tax-exempt governmental bonds, avoiding conversion of the bonds to arbitrage bonds under the Internal Revenue Code.

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