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Insurance Law Attorneys

WAJ attorneys practice actively in the defense of claims against insured parties.  They are therefore skilled in the budgeting, reporting, time management, and task lineation expected by some of the nation's leading insurers.  Our attorneys are leaders in the field, having served as presenters at leading events, like the Victor (formerly Victor O. Schinnerer) Meeting of Invited Attorneys.

WAJ attorneys work with insurers and insureds in the analysis and litigation of coverage obligations.  Our team provides complex coverage analysis, and it litigates contested coverage matters in state and federal courts.  WAJ attorneys have experience in the defense and prosecution of bad faith claims.  

WAJ is also proud to represent insurance brokers and agents in litigation.

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Representative Matters

  • We obtained summary judgment for an insurer against claims by a professional insured that the insurer breached its policy provisions by representing the plaintiff under a reservation of rights in an underlying probate court matter and by refusing to defend the plaintiff’s appeal of the probate court’s order. Our successful summary judgment motion was based on waiver and the policy’s express coverage terms.
  • Our representation of an insurer in federal court involved claims by a general contractor for coverage under CGL policies related to the general contractor’s improper use of an HVAC system during construction and the analysis of whether there was an “occurrence” under the polices under a recent state Supreme Court decision, as well as the analysis of numerous policy exclusions, including a comprehensive mold exclusion.
  • We obtained dismissal of claims against an insurance broker, based on evidence of proper disclosures in the process of procuring coverage.
  • After litigating issues related to procurement and placement of a marine hull policy, we obtained a favorable mediated settlement of claims against an insurance broker related to denial of a hull loss claim.  The settlement was facilitated by a pending motion for summary judgment filed by our attorneys.
  • After litigation of negligence and bad faith claims arising from a multi-million dollar default judgment against an insured, we obtained a favorable mediated resolution of claims against a broker for alleged failure to procure proper coverage.  Our settlement was facilitated by a pending motion for summary judgment, based on lack of duty and expiration of the applicable limitations period.
  • We obtained favorable resolution of personal injury claims presented under an aviation general liability policy, based on evidence of the pilot's negligence.
  • We have analyzed coverage related to alleged violations of notice and claims limitations provisions under numerous policies of insurance.

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